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Let the Pandamonium begin!

As you step into the bustling streets of Seoul, surrounded by the tantalising aromas of street food and the colorful sights of K-pop posters. That’s the essence of Sun Hee. Our vision is to transport consumers to the heart of Korea, where every taste and every moment is an adventure.

Meet our charming mascot, Panda. With his playful demeanor and irresistible charm, Panda embodies the spirit of Sun Hee Pandamonium. He’s not just a mascot; he’s a friend, guiding consumers through a journey of flavour and fun.


At Coconut Creative, we believe in the power of visuals to captivate and inspire. That’s why we’ve infused Sun Hee Pandamonium with vibrant colors and Korean-style fonts, reminiscent of the dynamic energy of Seoul. From the packaging to the marketing materials, every aspect is designed to be fun, exciting, and inviting, just like the famous K-dramas that have captured hearts worldwide.



Visual Storytelling that Infuses Korean Flavour and Fun on the

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