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Just Real - Bright, Bold, and Healthy Snacks That Pop!

In a world where snack choices often lean towards the unhealthy, Just Real emerges as a beacon of fun, liveliness, and health. Coconut Creative was tasked with bringing healthier snack options to a younger audience, and through intensive brainstorming, the brand name ‘Just Real’ was coined. This name perfectly encapsulates our mission: providing authentic, healthy snack options that don’t compromise on taste or enjoyment.

The visual identity of Just Real is designed to catch the eye and convey a sense of fun and vibrancy. Bright, playful colours and engaging fonts ensure that our products stand out on the shelves, making a bold statement about the excitement and energy our snacks bring. The design is intentionally dynamic, reflecting the youthful spirit and the commitment to healthy living that defines Just Real.


Our communications are crafted to resonate with a younger demographic, embracing an informal, lively tone that speaks directly to their desire for both health and enjoyment. We emphasise the authenticity and nutritional benefits of our snacks, positioning Just Real as the go-to choose for those who want to snack smart. Whether through social media campaigns, in-store promotions, or packaging, our message is clear: healthy snacks can be both delicious and fun.

Just Real is not just about snacks; it’s about a lifestyle that values health, authenticity, and joy. By maintaining consistent branding and a cohesive visual identity, we ensure that Just Real remains easily recognisable and trusted. As we grow, our commitment to providing healthy, fun, and real snack options will continue to drive our brand forward, making healthy snacking an enjoyable part of everyday life for the younger generation.


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