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Culinary Diversity Meets Creative Brilliance

At CC, we thrive on crafting unique brand identities that resonate globally. Our recent project focused on World Food Box (WFB), revolutionising culinary experiences by fostering cultural appreciation through curated international cuisines.

The heart of our brand identity lies in the meticulously crafted World Food Box logo. Featuring prominent typography with an infinity sign cleverly replacing the “oo” in “food,” it symbolizes the limitless culinary possibilities awaiting exploration. A circular enclosure surrounds this, symbolizing the fusion of global flavours, while graceful curves evoke warmth and invitation.


To complement the brand identity, we’ve curated a collection of high-quality, culturally diverse images for the website and social media. From bustling marketplaces to serene landscapes, each image narrates a tale of culinary tradition and innovation from around the globe. Consistent editing styles ensure coherence and aesthetic appeal, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and authenticity.

The highlight was our brand launch that amplified through engaging social media campaigns and a dynamic website. But that’s not all. We hosted an exclusive launch event on a vintage ship, inviting influencers from various ethnicities to create buzz about the voyage World Food Box is set to embark upon. This event ignited excitement and anticipation, setting the stage for WFB’s culinary journey.

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