Crafting a World-class Brand and Launching a Game-Changing App

We dove deep into capturing Surya Foods’ diverse and vibrant nature as we reimagined its brandmark and visual identity. The circle in the logo represents global brands, world foods, and international offices, while the “S” symbolises their global connections and fluidity of cultures it serves. The brandmark’s energetic, active, bright, and spirited colours reflect the mix of businesses and cultures Surya Foods brings together across the UK and Europe.


Next, we focused on Surya Foods’ strong commitment to sustainability through its mission of keeping People, Planet, and Product first. Their new corporate branding showcases vibrant earthy tones and clean, modern designs that echo their mission to reduce emissions by 2030. This visual identity underscores their dedication to a sustainable future and aligns perfectly with their goals of promoting ecological well-being through their products and operations.


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surya foods APP launch & digital campaign

One of the most exciting parts of our work was the launch of the Surya Foods app. This app is a game-changer for their B2B customers, simplifying the ordering process and offering exclusive deals. We rolled out a comprehensive digital campaign that included sleek app design, a dedicated webpage, and targeted email marketing. To top it off, we ran Google Ads and a robust social media campaign to highlight the app’s ease of use and great offers, ensuring that our messaging was clear and impactful.

Finally, we pulled everything together with an integrated digital strategy. Our SEO optimisation efforts have made Surya Foods more visible online, thanks to engaging content and strategic keyword placement. This cohesive approach across email marketing, app design, webpage development, and social media has ensured a unified message. We’ve effectively communicated Surya Foods’ sustainability vision and the functional benefits of their new app, driving customer engagement and business growth.

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