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From Halal Heritage to Modern Comfort Food for All: Humza Relaunched

Humza has always been a trusted name in halal food, catering primarily to the Muslim ethnic community in the UK. As we embark on a new chapter, our goal is to expand the brand’s appeal to a wider and younger audience, including millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha. We are transforming Humza from a traditional halal brand to a contemporary choice for anyone seeking authentic halal comfort food. This evolution is marked by a modern, minimalistic logo that retains the beloved green colour and halal seal, reflecting both our heritage and our forward-looking vision.

The new visual identity of Humza is designed to be simple yet bold, ensuring it stands out and is easily recognisable. The refreshed logo features an arch that transforms into a smile, symbolising “Humza Happiness” and the joy our food brings to our customers. The thin crescent line under the logo, inspired by the auspicious moon, adds a touch of ethnic charm and harmony, while the tomb motif completes the logo unit, maintaining cultural resonance.


In our communications, we’ve shifted towards a more mainstream yet respectful tone that is informal and lively. The use of Humza Green remains predominant, and the halal seal continues to reassure our customers of our commitment to quality. We have carefully crafted our messaging to resonate with a diverse audience, ensuring that all visuals, fonts, and content reflect a balance of tradition and modernity. Our marketing materials, including in-store posters and product promotions, are designed to be both appealing and culturally sensitive.

The essence of Humza is captured in our new tagline, “Happiness served in minutes”. This phrase encapsulates our dedication to providing delicious, easy-to-cook halal food that brings a smile to every face. By maintaining visual harmony and consistency across all applications, we ensure that every interaction with the Humza brand reinforces our promise of quality and satisfaction. As we reach out to a broader audience, the brand remains deeply rooted in the trust and tradition that have always defined it, while embracing a future full of new possibilities and connections.

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