Evolving Face of Humza Halal


Humza is a range of 100% halal frozen, chilled and fresh foods brand in the UK. Aimed at Ethnic Asian population in the UK, it offers mainly samosas, kebabs, and spring rolls’ ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook range. The convenience caters to busy, modern families seeking traditional homemade taste.


Over the years, the traditional consumer has evolved by adapting more ‘mainstream’ outlook. Moreover, the mainstream’s adventurous palate started embracing the ‘exotic’ flavours. The task of website refresh was to reflect these new market realities. Besides being technologically ‘IN’.


We first examined Brand foundation- voice, personality, tone, positioning to cater to Modern Ethnic and Adventurous Mainstream. To have a deeper connect, new streamlined functionalities- full product range and information, secondly Recipes page paths with ‘submit your recipe feature were created to cater to ideal personas. It also looked for better ‘actions’ with inter linking and suggestions leading to engagements on page. Overall website was designed with mobile first UX/UI experience in mind.

The website captures the magic of instant Asian Recipes ‘Just the Way you Love it’. With the Trust of Halal is assuring theme for the devout. The colour and design palate was inspired from the traditions yet displays a contemporary feel.


26% rise in traffic. SEO optimization lead to higher ranking. Session duration increased from 43 secs to 1.13 secs.

The category of chilled, Frozen, Fresh was completely catalogued through product range and Item listings complete with Product nutritional, cooking and storing information. Each product item is interlinked to respective recipe. The path so defined lead to longer sessions and ‘clicks’ on page.

With our customer-focused approach, we introduced a design which can streamline customer’s journey from the landing page to call-to-action.