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In the midst of myths around the origins of Sriracha sauce, a genuine and flavourful product range is launched. Thai Dragon serves heat seeking fans and food adventurers innovative chilli sauces with higher chilli content and NO MSG; additionally, an extended product range of snacks and curry pastes.

Thai Dragon kept the authenticity ‘central’ to the product development, selecting the original ingredients and flavours for Thai sauces, snacks and pastes. The manufacturing base is in Thailand. The product range is assured to be infused with genuine elements and flavours – sourced, supplied and nurtured in the Thai sunshine and water. Ready for the UK market.


Enhancer category has seen a surge in UK markets (worth £647m) overall and so has the competition. Sriracha as a category of Thai sauces has established players ruling the roost. Though, with some quality issues. Where in lies the opportunity.


We aligned our communication around the interest of foodies raring for ‘variety’ ‘exotic’ and ‘reliable’. Inviting free trials on social platforms for sauces and crackers.

The name itself evoked the original, authentic credentials of the brand. The product’s look and feel is reassuringly familiar. This got us through the initial resistance. But what got us racing towards the top and influencers waving their fees for free collabs was product quality and marketing communication besides ‘higher chilli content’ ‘No MSG’ ‘authentic’ flavour.

The pictorial logomark was inspired by flying Dragon as the brand’s roots are in Thailand and simplified into an adaptable unit for the required impact with an emphasis on brand’s personality.

The website and social media campaign all focused on ‘youthful’ ‘multi-cultural’ global outlook and drove home a call of tribe- Ride the dragon! It’s a challenge for the uninitiated and a call of the tribe for the believer. Encouraging trial, engaging social food influencers, placing it on the mainstream shelves earned for the product necessary ‘trust’ and returning customers.


The brand is now a 3 category range with Thai Crackers, Sauces and Curry Pastes clocking £2M within 5 months of its launch. Getting listed in TESCO, WAITROSE and ALDI also available at scores of ethnic, mainstream, cash & carry stores.

Instagram platform is most busy ever since, with influencers ready for free collabs. The tagged section has twice as many posts as released by the brand. Though Facebook was the first to race to the 500 mark within its first week of launch campaign.


FB followers: 700 I Unique user reached – 100,782

INSTA followers: 380 I Tagged posts received: 118

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