Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Growth Catalyst

Author : Dimple Motiani

Designation : Content Manager

A few days back, I came across an interesting post on Instagram by a Stay-at-home mother, who shares her parenting journey through her blog promoted on Instagram. Then there was also a post by a fitness trainer inspiring people to hit the road at 6:00 am.

Unless you are living under a rock, you will come across an influencer post on social media platforms. Passionate people committed to a skill or knowledge and its propagation for mutual good. And boy, there’s something special about Instagram. And there can’t be a better time to start influencer marketing on Instagram for your brand than this year 2020.


Who is an Influencer and what is Influencer marketing?

Influencer is anyone with a niche, trusted, engaged and established following on social media platforms sharing his views and information on subjects, causes, products and services through their website, blog, and/or social media channels. An influencer can be a blogger, content creator, reviewer, key opinion leader, industry expert, YouTuber or anyone who has the power to persuade his/her followers on the basis of trust and reach.

As part of social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing, fundamentally uses endorsements and product recommendations to influence buyer’s decision because of influencers’ authority, trust and relationship with followers. It is basically a collaboration between a brand and social media influencer for promoting brand’s products or services.


Why Influencer Marketing?

With an upsurge of users’ preference and interest on Instagram, businesses today cannot afford to lose out on the opportunity of promoting their products & services on Instagram. Whatever be your business goals for social media platforms – brand awareness, increasing follower base or boosting sales, influencer marketing fits the bill.

To strengthen our claim, have a look at these numbers:

  1. There are nearly 1 billion active Instagram users in the world, out of which 26.54 million users belong to the UK (with 30% belonging to users between 25-34 years of age).
  2. Global Instagram influencer marketing spending is estimated to grow to 8.08 billion by the end of 2020.
  3. The number of brand sponsored influencer posts on Instagram is estimated to grow to 6.12 billion in 2020.

(Source: Statista)


Typical users’ actions after engaging with a product/service on Instagram:

Typical users’ actions after engaging with a product/service on Instagram


Types of Influencers: 

Types of Influencers


Here are 5 kick-ass strategies to choose your business-specific Influencer:

  • Monitoring their Collaborations (past or present) – Do they collaborate with your competitors? Or they sponsor your complementing brands?
  • Checking their Engagement Metrics: Will it give you desired ROI? Engagement Rate = Likes + Comments/100 * Followers
  • Studying their followers: Do they belong to your community? Is there a brand fit?
  • Number of followers: Not to follow any influencer blindly but yes, the more followers, the better it is.
  • Analyse their Reach against the Cost: In the end, what matters the most is your campaign goal. So think wisely.


Brands we have worked with:

  • Thai Dragon
  • Humza Halal Foods
  • Laila Naturals
  • Surya Foods Online


In the end, Influencers are no more the celebrities or big shots we aspire to be. Anyone with a power to persuade with knowledge and passion is an influencer today. They are us. And Instagram influencer marketing is one of the smartest ways of spending your marketing budget. And within no time, you will be witnessing conversions.

We have a solid network of influencers (all categories) across retail industry in the UK. To further know how to find influencers, contact them, bring them onboard and compensate them (gift-based, paid or affiliation based), get in touch with us.

You may alternatively leave all your influencer marketing worries on us. We shall help you find your niche.

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