Author : Dimple Motiani

Designation : Content Manager

Why do we call a product by its generic name, while others with their ‘name’? Mostly you’ll say ‘Give me a COKE’, or ‘Give me a Pepsi’ only a few would say ‘Give me a cold drink’. Here the consumer is making a choice. Preferring one type of cold drink over the other. Why? The difference lies in a product becoming a brand. A metamorphosis, which is an art, a science.


Brand Foundation

Since infancy, human mind is conditioned to listening stories and anecdotes, which inspire them, thrill them, impress them, surprise them, educate them and help them. Brands must deploy this wisdom of story-telling for their benefit and incorporate it into their marketing mix to strike an emotional connect with their potential customers.

But to weave brand stories, your brand foundation must be really, really robust.

Be it internal or external aspect, what is it that turns transforms your business foundation into brand foundation? The one which resonates well with your audience and builds your community.

Our take, the brand foundation is laid on the pillars of Essence, Promise Attributes, Personality, Relationships, Mission, Vision, Values. Promise, Functional (Feature), SWOT (Competitor Analysis, Company Analysis, Brandscape) and Positioning (Audience, Benefits- Emotional, Story, Messaging Strategy).

And where does it all lead to?
A good question.
A well laid brand foundation opens the door to 3 overarching brand principles:


Brand Expression
Knowing who you are and where you want to reach is critical to the success of any brand and so is expressing it visually. It’s not just about what you say but how you say is equally paramount in aligning with your brand personality and the overall brand (business) strategy. And consistency is the key at every touch point.

What are the touch points which allow you to express your brand personality visually?
– Logo and Identity
– Voice & Tone
– Brand System


Brand Authority
It’s everything about building trust among your existing and potential customers through earned media, social buzz, awards & recognitions, partnerships & collaborations, Thought leadership.
But how do you build authority? It’s through

– Creating compelling content/copy (across all the collaterals)
– Being consistent (deliveries, channels, messaging, etc.)
– Engaging with your community (offline & online)
– Building networks (experts, organisations, influencers)


Brand Expansion
Once you (brand) have defined your vision, chalked out your goals & objectives and understood your target audience, carved out brand identity, it now becomes imperative to devise the roadmap to expand your brand’s potential. Whether you want to expand your current market share or target new market or develop new products, you will have to have work on the following parameters.

– Strategy & Plan
– Events
– Social & Influencer
– PR & Media
– Corporate Communication
– Website & Content
– Sponsorships


So what’s next?
Are you a new business who wants to transform into a brand? Are you seeking answers to knowing pillars of brand foundation? Do you want to weave a story that resonates with your TA? Are you looking for experts to help you choose the right channels? Do you want to expand your brand to the next level?


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